Newborn Care Specialist

As a newborn care specialist, we will support parents either when they first come home from the hospital or after the first few weeks home.

Will arrive between the hours 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. A newborn care specialist is trained in sleep conditioning and supports mom with breastfeeding or we will have a lactation consultant on call for parents to get needed support.

Night Feeding Support

Part of what we do is take care of night feedings or bring the baby to mom for breastfeeding. Once the baby is fed we will take the baby back to the nursery to burp, change and put to bed. This allows parents to get needed rest and will heal faster after birth.

Work up to Four Months

Over the weeks we are with a family, we gently train the baby to sleep longer and longer as long as the baby is healthy and pediatrician approved. We will have the baby sleeping 10 to 12 hours a night by 12 weeks.

Of course, we are not doctors so cannot give medical advice. We will always suggest they see their pediatrician for any issues that arise. Our goal is to work alongside pediatricians to give a complete support system to parents.


Newborn care specialists are trained to see where sleep needs to be adjusted. This is where we become sleep consultants. These services we provide are to help parents to have a comfortable transition to parenthood. Support is 24 hours a day.


We are located in Phoenix, Az and work in Scottsdale, Arcadia, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Gilbert, and all surrounding areas.

Sleep Consultant

The Dream

Let's dream for a minute. You have your perfect sleeper. Your baby is eating every three hours and takes great naps. When the baby(s) is awake they are playing and you can visually see they are well rested.

You and your spouse have a routine for date night and in this dream, the house is in order and you're able to get everything done.

The Reality

You have this beautiful baby. You waited possibly years to have. All this baby will do is not sleep she/he will cry off and on throughout the day. There is NO schedule! You haven't been out to dinner or left the house because of fear of baby crying or having a meltdown in Target!

Your friends baby sleeps through the night, I don't understand why mine is not!

What's a marriage haven't seen your spouse in ages!

Does this sound like your household? Why can't you have the dream baby? Why can't the dream be real?

Help Is Here

You can have the dream! It is possible. How will you get your life back?

The reason to hire a sleep specialist as I like to call us ( Infant Technician) is for many different reasons but the main one is to get rest for everyone in your household. When we aren't functioning the whole family is off.

This is when you have to decide if the investment is worth your sanity!

Sleep Plans

We have a solution to your problem. We will come in and in 5 days or less have your baby sleeping and your life will start to have balance. You will have 4 weeks of unlimited email support. Yes, this is an investment but it's the best investment you will ever make! Sleep is invaluable!




Summer was able to help us get our daughter on to a sleep routine, but she was readily available to us even though we live overseas.  She stayed flexible with our hours and answered even the shortest questions when we needed her through video chat, email and messaging.  She coached and supported us through reflux, sleep training, and even breast feeding weaning.