Baby Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist?

Who Do You Hire?

Have you wanted someone to help with your baby at night and you’re confused about who to hire? Let’s talk about the care you want for your little one. We have night nanny, baby nurse, maternity nurse, newborn care specialist, newborn night nanny, night nurse, night postpartum doula, what is the difference with all these titles?

Night Nanny or Newborn Night Nanny

This is someone who has worked in the past as a daytime nanny and has basic knowledge of taking care of newborns and or infants. They will handle night feedings when baby wakes and will follow the parent’s direction. A Night Nanny does not have any formal infant training. They will rest when the baby rests. The cost for a night nanny will range from $ 18- 20 hourly depending on your area.

Newborn Care Specialist

This is someone that has newborn care training. They will typically come in and teach parents routines and scheduling. A Newborn Care Specialist will often sleep condition the first 3 months and then will sleep train 4 months to 2 years old. They will take continued education to grow their knowledge to be able to support families. A Newborn Care Specialist typically works 10 pm – 6 am or they work 24/7 up to 6 months. They will travel all over the world. Newborn Care Specialist will rest when baby rests or do awake duty. It depends on who you hire. The cost is between $ 22- 45 hourly, again this will be based on where you live.

A Baby Nurse or Night Nurse

This is someone that has a medical degree such as RN or LPN. If you have an infant who has medical needs, you would want to hire a baby nurse or maternity nurse. The term baby nurse can only be used with someone who has a medical degree. Most nurses do only awake duty. Cost for a baby nurse is $ 35-60 hour.

Night Postpartum Doula

This is a person that has taken training as a postpartum doula and offers not just day support, but night support. They will typically do babies andor moms laundry. Some will work on dinner for the next day while baby sleeps at night. Postpartum Doulas will rest but most will stay awake. You would need to find out from the person you interview. They will support mom during nursing and bottle feeding. Cost is $ 25- 60 hourly.

How Do You Choose?

This is to give you the knowledge to hire who you’re comfortable with. If it’s a night nanny because you just want extra sleep and don’t need the extra training that’s great. If you are wanting sleep conditioning and sleep training support later on, then you would look for a Newborn Care Specialist.

Baby nurses are great for those who need a good medical team for their baby. Night postpartum doula is great if you want more support for your family.

I hope this helps you find the perfect nighttime support! If you have any questions please contact us at Sleeping Sweet Peas so we can help you find the perfect fit. We cover Scottsdale Az, Phoenix Az, Chandler Az, Gilbert Az, and the surrounding area.

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