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I work with baby’s from newborn-3 years old. I specialize in gentle sleep approach and sleep training to postpartum doula care. Coaching families from the very beginning to transitioning your baby out of swaddles to your 2 or 3 years old going to big boy/girl bed. Supporting moms who are exclusively breastfeeding to moms that want to bottle feed. Giving suggestions on products that I have found to work. Working with families, all with different parenting styles.

One thing I do is help parents bring home their baby(s). By coming in the first night to help give peace of mind to mom and dad. I find that when you have the needed guidance you’re not as nervous. Love the reassurance that I and my fellow Newborn Care Specialists are able to give. When I had my babies 16 years ago I prayed for a mother’s helper, just someone that would say its’ ok for baby to nurse all the time or that it’s ok to supplement. As mothers and fathers, we need to hear reassurance or someone to just run things by.

Have you ever sat and thought is this normal? Why does my baby not sleep? Do babies normally projectile vomit? Why does my baby cry all the time? What formula do I use? Are you worried all the time?

Have you asked yourself these questions? When I started working it was to be a relief for mom so she could get needed rest. Over the years I’ve evolved to coaching families all over the Country and Europe.

I would love to be able to talk about all the things a new mom might encounter but there are too many so I’m going to share some great tips on a couple of areas.


I believe in swaddling for at least the first 3 months just for naps and bedtime. This will allow baby to feel comforted. Having a quiet place to lay baby down for a nap and bedtime. If that’s in your room or nursery. The new guidelines on a baby being in your room works if you still have some space. I would suggest if you don’t have help at night to put the crib in a corner and use a sound machine to allow baby to be less disrupted and black out curtains. I also like breathable bumpers for cribs this is allowed by American Academy of Pediatrics. This really helps when babies are rolling around the crib. Nothing else should be in the crib.

Another area is scheduling your infant. I have some parents that are on a 7 am to 7 pm schedule with the baby taking 2 or 3 scheduled naps a day along with a feeding schedule. With other families having a more relaxed routine expressly if mom is nursing. Honestly anything you decide to do and if you are consistent it can work with your newborn. Remember – be as consistent as possible but don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself. Being a new parent is overwhelming so give yourself a break and remember tomorrow is another day!

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