Success Stories


Summer was our newborn care specialist for our daughter – we hired her to start with us the week I got home from the hospital and came to our house four nights per week for the first seven weeks of our daughter’s life. She helped me as a new mom understand everything that was so unfamiliar to me- from how to get our baby on a regular sleep schedule, to answering questions about formula, reflux, fussy times, feedings, swaddles and swaddle transitions, the list goes on and on. I always had a list of questions for her when she came and she was amazing in answering them all and making me feel more confident as a new mom. Our baby has been waking only once per night starting around 4-5 weeks and now at 11 weeks just slept through from 8 pm to 7 am last night! Although Summer isn’t with us anymore I attribute our baby’s sleep patterns to Summer’s awesome techniques and guidance, and Summer is still always available via phone for questions as my baby continues to grow to new monthly milestones. I would recommend Summer to any new mommy even if just for 1 consult or 1 night.

Ashley V.


8-week old

As a new first time mom, I read a ton of books, bought all the best essentials, and took some beginner classes. I felt pretty ready. When my daughter was born it was the most amazing time ever, it was also overwhelming, to say the least.  It was becoming increasingly more difficult to get a straight answer for basic questions. My pediatrician, lactation consultant, night nurse, in-laws, friends, and anyone else all had a different answer to the same question.  Mix that together with no sleep and it equals zero fun.  I was all over the place and my daughter was running the show.  I needed some guidance.
A friend of mine recommended I call Summer. After speaking on the phone with Summer I booked her flight the same day.
Summer stayed with us for 5 days and 6 nights.   She was warm and felt familiar, yet assertive, and confident.  Summer assessed the situation, took the pulse of my household and knew exactly what to do. She uses a combination of methods and a schedule she created that best suited our family.  As a result, Summer got my baby down from 3-5 feedings, to 1 feeding a night, adjusted our day to a wonderful routine, moved our daughter into her own room, and pointed out things that would have taken me MONTHS to figure out.  For the first time since becoming pregnant, I can entertain the idea of having a second child!
This review does not do justice to how much Summer did for my family and I!

Renee, Jason, and Ava Pollack – Philadelphia, PA

January 2018

20-month old

I was referred to Summer by a mutual connection, Amanda with Butterfly Baby Concierge, for S.O.S. help with our suddenly-sleep-revolting 20mo old son. Previously a gold-star sleeper, he (our 2nd kid) completely unraveled over the course of 2 weeks, to the point that he was standing up in his crib for upwards of 4-6 hours per night and refusing all naps. Having floundered through all approaches we could find (without consistency or success), we found ourselves at a loss — and needing the fast track back to sanity, as we were expecting our 3rd baby that same month!!

Summer responded super promptly when I reached out by email, setting up a phone interview for the next day. She asked thoughtful questions and was quickly able to pierce through my convoluted, sleep-deprived, pregnant-brain recounting of events to establish a simple and straightforward plan that I could then easily communicate to my husband. And – most importantly – IT WORKED. In under a week. What?!?

We are so thankful to her for helping us find Due North in the sleep regression storm. We needed her wisdom and she came in like a lighthouse! Summer, I am keeping your contact, and I’m not waiting so long to reach out next time! Thank you so much.



9month old sleep consultation

My name is Becca and my son Kaysen is now 9 and a half months. My story is a bit more complicated but I am sure someone can relate to this or a least a version of it. My son was due to have surgery when he was 8 and half months old. At 7 months Kaysen was waking up once or so a night to eat and about once a week one of those times he would be awake for an hour or so. So our wanting to bring on a sleep trainer was to help us get him to not need food, along with seeing why he was staying awake and also help with self-soothing. We wanted all this to be resourceful for his upcoming surgery. My husband and I didn’t want to go the route where they cry so we choose a lady who said her method worked and we didn’t need to apply any cry out methods. Fast forward one week it worked well after one week for the next 4 weeks it was a living nightmare. My son went from waking up once a night to waking up three times a night and each time being awake for long stretches of time. We went from what we thought was a problem to an actual problem. My husband and I were worse than we had ever been our son had resorted to ways we had never experienced. We were referred to Summer and I called her in desperation. I actually thought she would tell us there was nothing she could do. That other sleep trainer had told us she hadn’t seen what happened to happen before and she didn’t know what to do. But no Summer started with us ASAP, she literally was confident that we would get this figured out and was not worried at all. She was calm, confident and ready and willing to do what it took. She coached us on what to do before she came over for a stay over, what is amazing about Summer is she always answers no matter what time. I literally don’t think she sleeps. I text at 2 am she answers, I text the next day at 4 am she answers, I text at 1 am she answers she is always their thank goodness because we need that. She helps coach you the parents on learning your child’s cry, on learning when to go in and how often. The thing I learned in this process is the baby needs to learn to self-soothe, they need to know how to put themselves back to sleep. We were making that impossible for our son because every time he cried we came in, we were never able to give him the opportunity to teach himself to talk and work through it. Summer was honestly and is honestly the best thing that happened to us and our little one. She not only got our baby sleeping through the night but she continues to help with milestones, she checks in, she goes over what they should be eating with menu ideas, she helps with teething she helps with making sure medication and the food is properly the right fit for your child. I would recommend Summer 1000 times over and will continue to. She is amazing and we will have her on speed dial when the next one comes!
Becca & Kaysen

Newborn care specialist contract

Summer, What you did for our family by sleep training our twins Madison & Abigail is sustainable to this day 2 years later! We are eternally grateful for your professionalism, expertise, intuitive 6th sense, and especially for training us the parents who truly needed it the most. Your services were the BEST investment we have ever made – period. I brag about you to this day and you are forever fondly in my heart. We wish you much success in your new business venture and always knew you had the indescribable gift as an ethical mentor & a leader. Love Ya always girl!! Lisa Mike, and of course the bosses – Madison & Abigail💞


13month old Sleep Consultation

Again, thank you SOOOO much for your support! You were a Godsend!

I cannot express the gratitude I have for Summer and her services she provided. I am a single Mom of a 13-month-old baby girl. Who is also working full-time. My story is a little different from most. I have a dream of a child and newborn from the get-go. She has been sleeping through the night since six weeks old. At about 11 months, she caught a mild cold. She was very much in need of Mama’s love and comfort. Which I happily gave. She was waking in the middle of the night because she was unable to breathe. That carried on for about three to four nights she was not herself, not able to soothe herself back to sleep, so I became the soother. Well, it created new bad habits! Once she was better, most nights she was unable to go back to sleep with some comfort from me. She would cry immediately from my departure from her room. This would carry on for an hour and many nights up to three hours. It was very taxing and exhausting for me! I would get to the point where I would just bring her to my bed with me so both of us could get some sleep. Bad news bears!

I could not take it a moment longer and contacted another consultant. She referred me to Summer due to her schedule being full. Boy, am I glad things worked as they did! I am a firm believer that everything happens exactly how it is supposed to. What I noticed about her, was that she listened to my story and immediately said what I needed. She was very honest and did not try to get to spend money that was not needed for services that we did not need. What I love about her most is her understanding, her ability to respond in a very timely manner, and most of all the support she gave me in the middle of my crisis.

After taking her advice, I am happy to say that within a few days (a week at most), my daughter is back to sleeping through the night and if she does wake, she is very good about self-soothing herself back to sleep. I cannot express my gratitude for Summer and her knowledge and most of all her support! You will not be disappointed by her and her services! Phone her today!

Michelle 2017


Testimonials 2016

We were referred to Summer by another sleep consultant who could not take any more clients.  We were looking for someone to help us with our daughter who was 3-months at the time and very colic.  I constantly had to carry or wear her, and the only way she would go to sleep was if she was bounced for hours at a time.  We were, and my back was, in desperate need of some help. Not only was Summer able to help us get our daughter into a sleep routine, but she was readily available to us even though we live overseas.  She stayed flexible with our hours and answered even the shortest questions when we needed her through video chat, email and messaging.  She coached and supported us through reflux, sleep training, and even breastfeeding weaning.   She has been there every step of the way and we would highly recommend her services to any family near or far.

Amanda 2016


2-year-old phone consultation

“I was referred to Summer after my two-year-old, who had been a great sleeper, suddenly started having problems. We knew were up against a big transition and my husband and I discussed the fact that we were most likely looking at a month of sleepless nights while he gets adjusted. We weren’t looking forward to it.
I’m so glad I called Summer because we were all sleeping through the night again after just one night! Summer helped me adjust his schedule slightly and also helped me make other changes I had no idea were contributing to his poor sleep habits. She responds to texts quickly (even at crazy hours) and is very helpful on the phone. I can’t thank Summer enough!”

Joanie 2016
Phoenix Arizona

My son is 7 month’s old and I could not get him to sleep through the night. He would wake up 5/6 times a night and want a bottle.

I finally decided to get help and contacted Summer. With the tips and a schedule, she gave me for my son, within 2 days my son was sleeping was through the night. He no longer fusses for nap times and bedtime. Summer and her help have completely changed my families life! We are no longer exhausted and sleep deprived!

Alyssa 2016

Northern Idaho

can’t say enough positive about Summer!! Over the past 2 years, she has helped us so much with both of our babies to get them on the right sleep schedule. As difficult as it was with our first child and letting him cry, etc. it was the best thing we’ve done for him and for my husband and me. By doing exactly what Summer recommended on a daily basis,  he has been sleeping through the night for over a year now and falling asleep on his own. With a few changes and questions along the way, Summer has always answered her phone and/or texted back immediately to offer advice and help us in any way she can. She really listens and goes over every detail to understand where changes need to be made.
I was proactive once our second child was born and called Summer to assist with a sleep schedule starting at 4 months old. All I can say is WOW!! Our daughter takes every nap in her crib and sleeps 13 hours straight every single night!!! It’s amazing! I recommend Summer to everyone I know with children and I can’t thank her enough for all of her help with giving my kids the gift of great sleep!

~Anna 2016

Phoenix Arizona

Testimonials 2014

Inviting Summer into your home will be the best gift you can give yourselves and your baby (or babies).  She is sweet and knowledgeable and has helped us in so many ways, such as helping me learn baby “cues”, helping me with nursing, especially when I got mastitis, and even helping my older kids adjust to the new baby.  This was my third child and I can’t believe how many new little gems of information she taught us.  I love how she always allows you to be the parent, she quietly fits into your lives in whatever way you need her.
Having her help at night allowed me to enjoy our little one even more and I felt confident that all of our baby’s needs were met with love.
She is a wealth of knowledge and a valuable resource, upon whom I still call.
I am happy to give a phone reference as well.

Jamie S.

July 2014

Calling Summer helped improve not only our baby’s sleep schedule but also her health! The minute I found out I was pregnant with our second child we called Summer to book her! We used her with our first child and saw how much it helped. Summer came into our home when our baby was just 3 weeks old and turned our life around! Through her expertise she realized the baby had severe reflux- she sent us to a specialist and got us on a prescription to get it under control. She also built a “nest” in the crib to help the baby sleep because she can’t lay flat. Summer switched our formula, taught us how to swaddle, had us turn the air down and the sound machine up… And like magic, the baby only wakes up one time a night at 6 weeks old! Summer is knowledgeable, caring and honest! She is worth the money and I miss having her here at night. She will guide you towards a happier night happier baby and most of all happier parents!

Chandler, Arizona
March 2014

Testimonial 2013

Summer –  Thank you, Thank You!! Our family is already so much happier & well rested! I cannot thank you enough for your help & support this past week. We will tell everyone we know about you & refer you to all our friends. Your Amazing 🙂 Thank you again I feel like a completely different person. Feels so good to sleep again!

Sheena & Erick
Scottsdale, Arizona
September 2013

Thank you, Summer, for all that you have done for my family.  My baby was born with Acid Reflux and learned bad sleeping habits. She did not sleep at night. She woke up and would cry.  As first-time parents, we found ourselves confused, and more importantly, exhausted.  Harper is 9 months old and we tried everything to get her to sleep.  We were at our wit’s end when Summer came to the rescue. Summer took over complete care of our baby, working with our baby to teach her sleep through the night, allowing us to get some rest.  Within days she had our baby sleeping through the night and established an easy-to-follow schedule.  She taught us the importance of us following the sleep routine and preparation and provided us with the positive reassurance we needed.  She is a wealth of information with so much knowledge and skill.  Thank you Summer for making our baby a sleeping pro.

September 2013
Phoenix, Arizona

Reference Letter for Summer Hartman

We had the privilege of having Summer as our newborn care specialist after our baby boy was born in November 2011.  She was fantastic from the start.  Summer taught us everything we needed to know to get on the right track w/ our baby.  She even went with my mother to Buy Buy Baby to help her with all our initial baby needs purchases.

Summer was incredibly helpful to me as a new mother recovering from a c section.  She made sure both I and the baby were always taken care of.  She even looked out for my husband who was dealing with so much during that time since we just closed on our new house and were moving a week after the baby was born.

We still keep in touch w/ Summer today, she is always available to answer questions that may come about as he gets older.  Russell is a healthy and happy baby and we truly believe part of the reason is due to Summer’s care for him after he was born.  She is truly wonderful and we have recommended her to several of our friends.


Arlene, Jason, and Russell

Im thrilled to offer a recommendation to Summer as a Sleeping Coach!  When we had our second baby within 10 months of our first, we quickly realized that just ‘winging it’ during bedtime just didn’t work, and we were literally desperate for some sleep. Summer truly knows what she is talking about, and is an absolute expert in the field of sleeping patterns for children. I would recommend her to any and all parents that want to establish a calm, happy bedtime routine. Two thumbs up for Summer!!

Ann E.
Phoenix, Arizona

Testimonial 2011

March 2011

Before we found Summer Hartman, no one in our household was getting any healthy sleep!  My 5-month old son was up every couple of hours throughout the night —wanting a bottle, to be rocked, soothed and pacified in order to go back to sleep until the next crying wake-up.  Naps were different and a challenge every day.  Some days I would spend 45 minutes fully soothing him until he was asleep for a nap, only to have him wake up after a mere 30 minutes.   I read almost every book and consulted every friend and family member; trying to implement any solution.  Nothing really worked.  I felt like a hostage in my own home as I began to stay home more and more in an effort to get my son on a schedule and hope that a decent sleep pattern might magically appear!  We were desperate.   I really did not want to do any type of cry-it-out methodology, but more and more I realized that it might, in fact, be just what was needed.  I have lived with an anxiety disorder for many years, but hearing my son cry during the night piqued the panic like nothing else and it was virtually impossible for me to ‘let’ him learn to soothe himself on my own.

My only regret with having Summer come to help was that we didn’t do it sooner!  In just 6 short days, many dramatic changes occurred.  Now, we have a good schedule for sleeping, feeding, and free-time and we as parents have the tools and knowledge to be able to stick to it.  We can recognize the need for our son to be able to self-soothe and be comfortable on his own in his crib.  Hearing him cry is never easy, but we now know the difference between a cry that needs to be attended to and one that lets us know that he’s working it out on his own.  Now, at nap times I can put him down and know that at the most he’ll be asleep in less than ten minutes if not within the first 60 seconds!  And nights are quieter and calmer for all.  No more late-night feedings, no more unwanted co-sleeping, and no more frantic sprints to the nursery to replace a pacifier before the crying reaches fever pitch —now he is in his crib between 7 and 7:30 pm and we usually don’t have to go in before 7 am the next morning.

It is not an exaggeration to say that we could not have done this without Summer’s step-by-step, moment- to- moment assistance and guidance.  Having her here to reassure us that all was OK and that we were on track was invaluable.  Summer’s experience and knowledge are irreplaceable in today’s world of confusing and contradicting books, websites and family/friend advice.  Now, my husband and I have our lives back and love having a schedule that we can all count on.  And we are all finally getting some much-needed healthy sleep!

Carey E.
Alexandra, Virgina

September 2011

Testimonial 2010

October 2010

My husband and I heard about Summer from another mother of twins who used her and raved about the results. We are first time parents (with twins!) and needed some guidance. We gave her a call when our twins were 3 weeks old. Sleep deprivation was getting to us and we needed help! Summer was incredible. With her help, we had our boys sleeping through the night by the time they were 2 months old. They’’re in bed at 7:30 until we get them up for their 7:30 am feeding. What a difference that made in our life!

She also helped me learn how to nurse both boys at the same time and put them on a schedule throughout the day. It’s been great having some structure, so I can plan my day accordingly. The thing about her that I especially loved is that she preaches routine, but with flexibility. When a certain schedule wasn’t working for my babies, we figured out together what will work, personalizing it to fit their needs and our needs as parents. She also helped us out with various napping, feeding, bathing and reflux issues. She is a problem solver! With Summers help, I now have the tools I need to continue on my own, and she’s always available for phone help.  My husband and I are so grateful for Summer’s help. Not only does she come with years of experience and knowledge, but she has an incredible passion for what she does. She loves babies and new parents, and it shows.

Wendy G.
Phoenix, Arizona


We hired Summer when our daughter was 6 weeks old. She was waking up every 2 hours and would only sleep on my chest and my time was up…I had to go back to work and didn’t know how I was going to work a full day with literally no sleep.

Summer immediately figured out what we were doing wrong…put us on a sleeping schedule, feeding schedule and helped us with everything from transforming the crib to a “nest” to helping us decide which formula would be the best.

To be honest, the thought of having someone I didn’t know come into my home and watch my child while I slept made me a little nervous- but Summer is one of the most experienced professionals I have worked with.

She was so calm and patient and handled our daughter just as we would.

The most surprising part- I leave for work at 3 am and every morning Summer would be up to meet me to give me the update on how the baby did that night, so I could go to work with ease!

It’s sad to see Summer go but her work here is done and we couldn’t be more thankful that she came into our lives!

Alexis E.
Chandler, Arizona

Testimonial 2009

June 2009

Summer Hartman spent 6 weeks with our family April 2009 through May 2009 when our twins were born.  She was absolutely amazing with our babies and with us. She made our experience as new parents even more wonderful. When she left we felt like a member of our family had left.
Summer is very knowledgeable.  She had our babies almost sleeping solidly through the night by 6 weeks.  They were very small and if she had more time she would have had them sleeping all the way through the night.  She was amazing with making us feel comfortable as parents and understanding our twins.
She is kind, caring, funny and will fit right in with any family and any situation. She is very accommodating.
We love Summer and anyone who hires her will be in the best of hands.  She truly is a blessing to anyone who gets the opportunity to know her and work with her.  Her family is lovely and she is lovely.

Christina J.
Tucson, Arizona


This letter serves as a letter of recommendation for Summer Hartman.  Summer came to my home in November 2008 to sleep train my 3-month-old twin boys.  At the time, they were waking 2 or more times a night to eat and be held and within 12 days, she had them sleeping quietly from 7p-7a without pacifiers!  It was truly incredible.
People ask me how she did it and was it very difficult for the babies. I tell them not at all. I know for a fact that Summer did it gradually and lovingly and never let them cry it out for a significant amount of time.  She also guided me on how many ounces they should be getting all day in order to safely sleep train them at night.  Additionally, she helped me get them on a great day schedule.
My older child who is 19 months older than the twins was having waking issues and Summer gave excellent advice on fixing his sleep problems too and he now sleeps from 7p-7a also.
The words I would use to best describe Summer are reliable, professional, knowledgeable, and caring.  I am grateful for her services and would highly recommend her for any newborn care.

Cari B.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Testimonial 2008

This letter is in reference of Summer Hartman. Summer worked as a night-nurse for my 3-week-old son for about 10 weeks. During her time with us, she got the baby on an eating and sleeping schedule, which made our hectic lives run a lot smoother. Within a week of working with my son, she had him sleeping through the night. Summer also helped us with the baby’s reflux problems by creating a nest in his crib and by putting her information and experience to use.

Summer is well trained and very experienced with newborns and has a lot of valuable information. Every answer she had for me regarding my son was accurate and helpful. I would recommend Summer to any parent who is having trouble with a new baby, twins, or just needs some extra help. She is very open and willing to work which is nice when you have a busy schedule. She has also babysat our children overnight and they all seem to enjoy her. We are lucky to have someone we trust with our alarm codes, our home, and most importantly our kids.

Rachel E.
Chandler, Arizona

Summer did a wonderful job sleep training my 12-week old little boy!  As most Moms find Summer, I was sleep deprived and exhausted.  He had a tough couple of months with milk/soy allergies and acid reflux.  I was the mom who rocked, drove around, walked around and did absolutely anything to get him to sleep.  Summer came over and did a consultation 3 weeks prior to her sleep training. We decided to wait due to the fact that he had a bad cold that took several weeks to get over.  I used the schedule she gave me and literally drove him around the hours he was supposed to nap during the day.  I actually noticed a difference after a couple of days.  He was not as cranky and would fall asleep for longer periods at least 5-6 hrs a night.  Before the schedule, he would only nap a couple hours a day and pass out around midnight.  It was a nightmare and I never got more than 4 hours a sleep.  Summer started helping me during the day and gave me great tips on how to control his reflux as well.  It was really hard for me to hear him cry so I had Summer sleep train him at night. I could have sworn someone took my baby and swapped him for a new one.  My whole life changed after I worked with Summer.  I had a baby who would sleep from 8 pm to 8 am and naps in the morning and mid afternoon.  She has this great ability to understand each cry and comfort the baby. I also think the parents have to be trained as well!!  I did what she told me to step by step after she left and he has been a much more content baby.  I still call her to this day to get advice on Landon.  I think she is a great NCS and will use her for our next baby!

Thank you,
Courtenay  B.
New York, New York

To Whom It May Concern,

During the fall of 2008, Summer Hartman came to my home weekly to help with my newborn. She did a great job establishing a schedule and aiding me in feeding techniques and getting her to sleep through most of the night. I would highly recommend Summer to any family who needs extra help. She is non-judgmental, easy going and very professional. I also found her to be trustworthy and honest.

Sue  T.
Tempe, Arizona

Testimonial 2007

Dear Sir or Madam:

It is my great pleasure to recommend Summer Hartman as a nanny and newborn care specialist. We have been blessed to have Summer work with our family since September 2007. She has been caring for our (now) 2-year-old twin boys on a part time basis since they were seven months old and our daughter (9 months) since she was born.
Summer is very reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and caring. Her experience and knowledge in newborn, infant, and toddler care and development are evident by the care that she provides to our children. She has been a Godsend in helping our family get our twins on a great schedule, sleeping better (for naps and at night- I only wish I had known her earlier!!!!), and in helping us take care of the twins when our daughter was born.
When I leave my children with Summer to go to work, I have no worries. The twins love her and we feel so grateful to have someone that we can trust (and that has so much experience/knowledge) watch our children. She has seemed to become great at working with families of twins, which can be very challenging at times.  We can’t thank her enough for all she has done for our family and we highly recommend her for her services as a nanny and newborn care specialist.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear more about our experiences with Summer.

Jeanne P.
Lavine, Arizona

January  2007
Summer is an expert about children but also with regard to GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease or reflux).  Our twins had serious reflux and Summer immediately knew what to do to ease their suffering.  She understands babies very well and can handle multiples with ease, confidence, and love.

In addition to the above qualities, Summer is a trustworthy and reliable worker.  She was never late, nor did she miss a shift for any reason.
For me, Summers strongest ability is her ability to communicate effectively.  She communicated all of the information I needed to know at the end of each shift, either verbally or with a note.  She was always responsive on her mobile phone if I wanted additional details or suggestions for something going on while she wasn’t here, too.

Alexandra A.
Scottsdale, Arizona

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