Newborn Sleeping Too Much

Why set a Foundation?

Setting the foundation is SO important! You ask what is the foundation? It’s when you guide your baby to eat and sleep in a pattern from the very beginning.

You just had your baby and you are lost on how to know when to feed. Here are some of the hunger signs:

What are Hungry Signs?

• Moving their heads from side to side.
• Opening their mouths.
• Sticking out their tongues.
• Placing their hands, fingers, and fists to their mouths.
• Puckering their lips, as if to suck.
• Nuzzling against their mothers’ breasts.
• Showing the rooting reflex (when a baby moves its mouth in the direction of something that’s stroking or touching its cheek.)
• Crying, this can be a late indication that the baby is hungry.

Newborns will eat nonstop for the first 72 hours

This is a good thing. Why? Because they are instructing your body to make milk.

So, now you’re establishing a routine. By day 3 you may feel your tapped out. Your milk hasn’t come in yet. It’s ok. This is very normal! By day 4 you should be in good shape and start to see more of a milky substance. If you are concerned you can call a local IBCLC or local breastfeeding group such as Phoenix Arizona Banner Health breastfeeding group.

“If you do supplement nurse first and give 1 ounce. Always nurse first once your milk comes in you can stop supplementing.”

I suggest the first 2 weeks you focus feeding on demand. How does this work? Let baby tell you when they’re hungry. Usually, this is about every 2-3 hours. Baby will nap all the time with about 30 minutes’ max awake time.

You will start to see a pattern develop. I do suggest you swaddle your baby for all naps I like Miracle Blanket for babies 6Ibs or higher. You can find plenty of different swaddles to choose from.

We also need to use a sound machine Hushh is amazing and portable. When should you use the sound machine? It’s best when the baby is napping and for bedtime.

Let’s talk about Sleeping and Naps

At first, your baby will sleep all the time. By 2 to 3 weeks old your baby will start to stay awake for 45 minutes and then nap.

Over time you will move to a nap cycle of one hour up and two hours down and by six weeks your baby will be up 1.5 hours and down 1.5 hours this goes all day. I like to pick a time to start your day. I would suggest 7 a.m. or 8 a.m.

You will stay on this schedule for about 4 to 5 months. Naps can be tricky you may have to check room temperature, make sure it’s a cool 68-72 degrees. Babies will fuss it’s completely normal. Also, blackout shades are good if you notice your baby is not napping well.

I will suggest if you start around the 3-week mark to not run in, this gives your baby 2 to 3 minutes to fuss and allows for your baby to learn to fall back to sleep or if they are waking because they are hungry you can then pick up. In all honesty, you are setting up a foundation for good eating and sleep habits.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions please reach out to Summer Hartman at 

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