Why have resource page?

We are putting together a page for parents. To find who and what they need without having to search and take time away from their families. If you have a favorite doctor or a service that you know, would benefit other parents please submit an email. If it’s your company, and you would like to be listed, please send us details about your company and service you would provide.

Pediatrician Office

North Scottsdale Pediatrics 

OBGYN Office

Paradise Valley OBGYN – AOA Family 

Medical Spa

Dr. Shannon York NMD

Pediatric, Perinatal and family Chiropractor

North Scottsdale

Dr. Thomas Tuzzolino

Lactation Support

Breastfeeding Support Group – Desert

Midwife Services

Willow Birth Center of Mesa, Arizona

Postpartum and Labor Doulas

Postpartum care by Lindsey-Lutes Etzold 480-296-9900

Maternity Keepsake

Gloria Newman


Cuisine with Chef Christine, LLC 

Concierge Services

Butterfly Baby Concierge Services- Located Phoenix, Arizona

Will find your next Nanny!


Tada Photography –  Steve & Heather West

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